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HOME - Delivering research that builds stronger neighbourhoods

An under-supply of secure, affordable and appropriate housing is negatively impacting the health and wellbeing of many Australians. To tackle this issue, we bring together communities, not-for-profit organisations, industry and government to co-design unique housing solutions.

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Our mission

Our vision is to provide ‘a home for all’ – affordable, safe, well-designed, sustainable and connected housing for everyone.

We conduct research across four key themes aligned with our vision.

Home for life We design adaptable, universally accessible homes that meet personal needs, promote engagement in meaningful activities, and are safe, secure and suitable for all stages of life.
Home we can afford We conduct research informing home designs that minimise energy use and environmental impact, while using low-cost materials to match budgetary requirements, providing a home that’s available to all.
Home where we know neighbours We recognise the significant psychological and physical health benefits of social connectivity. Our research delivers homes designed to foster connectedness and community and to strengthen relationships across difference.
Home that’s connected We draw on a wide range of expertise and collaborations to make sure homes are connected to occupations, services, education, nature, transport, play, food and the wider world.

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Discover some of our ground-breaking research projects conducted in collaboration with our researchers, partners and community stakeholders.


Find peer reviewed papers we’ve published that report on findings from our project work and learn about the PhDs we supervise across the team.

PhD supervision

A PhD with HOME will provide you with access to a stimulating and supportive environment where you can conduct innovative and high impact research.

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Interim housing isn’t just a roof and four walls. Good design is key to getting people out of homelessness

State governments across the country have plans to increase social and affordable housing to address ballooning waitlists. While necessary, this won’t be enough to clear the backlog of people waiting for public housing. It also takes time to make more affordable long-term housing options available. So what can be done in the meantime? Our research

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